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New Town Centre

Phase 1 Expected Release - Spring 2019

· 37 Residential Single Family

{9 Laned Sites for Carriage Suite + Main Residence}


· 4 Multi-Family Residential

{Suitable for Bare Land Condos or Apartments}


· 3 Assisted Living Care Homes (Commercial)


· 1 Commercial Site - Emerald Park Road


Phase 2 Expected Release - 2020

· 64 Residential Single Family


· 1 Multi-Family Residential


Phase 3 Expected Release - 202?

· 34 Residential Single Family


Phasing T.B.D. Expected Release - 202?

· Main Floor Retail - Residential Above


· Non-Motor Traffic Court Yard


· Parallel Street Front Parking on


Betteridge Road

Phased Release Plan


Others have seen what is and asked why!

I have seen what could be and asked why not?

- Pablo Picasso-


streets will bear the names of "Canadian Artists" to honor all creative artists who have and continue to enrich our lives with their talent.

awaiting final approvals from Community Planning prior to sale of lots